Just take a deep breath…

Funny Baby Picture AND Science Joke of the Day…combined!

baby clone

We’re starting to learn about a new system of the body…THE RESPIRATORY SYSTEM.  This system is the one that is responsible for breathing in oxygen and breathing out carbon dioxide.  The main organs of this system are the LUNGS, which of course are BFFs with the heart.

Level 2 – the basics


Mr. Parr made a song about the respiratory system!


Level 3 – going deeper with understanding

Mr. Anderson (another really cool teacher all over youtube) goes into a deeper level of understanding about how oxygen goes from the lungs to get into the blood.  This was a big question that several of you geniuses asked as we learned about the Circulatory System and I promised we would get there!  Welp…we’re there!  He also explains how other sorts of organisms get oxygen if they don’t have lungs like we do.


Now that you know how air can come in and out of your body, it’s important to know what kind of air is best for you to stay healthy.  The next section is about LUNG CAPACITY.  We are doing a lab about this tomorrow!


smokers lungs

Lung Capacity

Total lung capacity refers to the maximum amount of air a person’s lungs can hold, about four to six liters (4000 to 6000 cm3) for the average human. Only a third of this capacity is used during normal activity, but this fraction increases during strenuous activity when the body requires more oxygen. On average, males have a 20-25% higher lung capacity than females, and tall individuals have a greater capacity than short people.

The human lungs enable respiration. When air is inhaled, the lungs extract oxygen and transfer it to the blood where the oxygen is then carried to cells. The blood supplies cells with oxygen and collects carbon dioxide, a waste resulting from cell functions. The carbon dioxide is then carried back to the lungs where it is exhaled.

Those who live in higher altitudes also have a higher lung capacity than those who live at sea level. This is because air is less dense at high altitudes, and thus the concentration of oxygen is lower. Lungs, therefore, have to inhale a greater volume of air to extract the same amount of oxygen than they would have to at sea level.

It is important to keep the lungs healthy because all cells need oxygen to function. Cigarette smoke reduces lung capacity by causing lung disease. One of these diseases is emphysema which destroys the alveoli–the air sacs within the lungs where the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide takes place. As a result, the lungs lose elasticity and are unable to stretch properly, thus reducing the amount of air that is able to be inhaled. Asthma, a disease that causes inflammation of the lungs, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), the combination of chronic bronchitis and emphysema, also decrease total lung capacity.



When you have finished reading, watching, and taking notes, you’re ready to take a mini-quiz!  Your score on the mini-quiz will help us figure out how far you’re ready to go in the lab tomorrow!  😀


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  1. Funny quote and it’s bad to smoke right because I see people do it all the time when I am coming to school well bye and this is a cool website tho bye!!!

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