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Yes, everyone!  You guessed it!  We are learning about the Digestive System!

Level 2 – Understanding the Basics

The Digestive System is responsible for breaking down the food you eat into the nutrients that your body needs and delivering those nutrients to your cells so they can stay healthy.  If your cells aren’t healthy, then you aren’t healthy!

Some foods are obviously healthier than others (Cup-O-Noodles vs. Apples and Peanut Butter), but we aren’t quite ready to get to that part of the standard yet.  First, we need to cover how your body PROCESSES (breaks down) the food that you eat.


Mr. Parr strikes again to explain how the system works in a fun and catchy way!

This is a very simple, but quick, video about the order of organs that food travels through.  You may need to watch this one 2-3 times to get really good notes.  Remember, this is still level 2 stuff – the basics.

Level 3 – Gaining a Deeper Understanding

Mechanical Digestion means any sort of action that changes the way the food looks (it’s a physical change).  Things like chewing, mixing, and churning food are examples of mechanical digestion.

Chemical Digestion means any sort of action where the chemical makeup of the substance is changed (a chemical change).  Saliva getting added to food, enzymes (chemicals) in the stomach getting added to food, or other enzymes that pull food apart to separate the nutrients are all examples of chemical digestion.

The food that we eat wouldn’t be useful to our bodies if we didn’t get a bunch of nutrients from it.  Foods like hot chips and cookies are not “nutrient dense.”  They are mostly trash that our bodies will want to get rid of.  Foods like fruits, vegetables, pastas, rice, etc. are more “nutrient dense” because our bodies can use them for energy and healthy cells.

This video talks about how the food that you eat gets broken down into smaller particles that can be absorbed by your blood and sent to cells.  There are lots of chemical and physical changes that food goes through before our body can actually use it for anything.  

Please please please pause this video as it plays, rewind when you need to, and take great notes as it goes along!

Great work today!  Review your notes for the mini-quiz at the end of class!  🙂


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